Women, HIV and AIDS        Channel Four

Dirty Tricks Angry Voices     Channel Four

CVS: Safe or Sorry             Channel Four (Dispatches)

Breaking The Silence          Channel Four

Celebration                        ITV

The Learning Curve (series)  ITV

Stalkers                    BBC 2

Facing Up To Fear     BBC 2

Keep Taking The Tablets  BBC 2

When Your Heart Wants To Remember  BBC 2

Epilepsy: A Journey  BBC 2

Ways Of Seeing        BBC 2

Turning Points (series)  BBC 2

Meningitis: Fact or Fiction BBC 2

Sense of Loss       BBC2

About Us

Hummingbird Films is an award winning Production Company formed in 1990. We have made series and one-off's for Channel Four and the BBC. We are now starting to produce feature films for cinema release.